Discover the top drivers of patient satisfaction — from accessible communications to patient-focused healthcare services — and how you can enhance your patients' experiences.

Top 6 Drivers of Patient Satisfaction in Healthcare 

Patient satisfaction fuels and measures the success of medical practices of all sizes. It keeps your staff motivated to provide the best healthcare and most patient-friendly services possible. Patient satisfaction is equivalent to the pursuit of excellence, professionalism, quality, efficiency, and compassion in healthcare to the highest standard. A satisfied patient means you and your team are meeting and surpassing your goals. 

Some of the key factors that influence patient satisfaction include:

1: Private Health Information (PHI) Safety and Protection

One of the biggest challenges in healthcare today is protecting patients' PHI. This concern is not for the healthcare providers alone but is also critical to the patients themselves.

Patients consider the security of any personal data shared with a healthcare provider their top priority. 

Proof of compliance with HIPAA regulations, like the Compliancy Group's Seal of Compliance, gives patients confidence that their PHI is protected.

Peace of mind is among the best drivers of patient satisfaction.

2: Streamlined and Accessible Real-Time Messaging

Patients are busy and don’t want to waste time calling their healthcare providers only to not get through to the right person or spend 30 minutes or more on hold. They value the simplicity and accessibility of real-time communication, such as secure 2-way text messaging.

Offering accessible communications options not only reduces patients' frustration but can also make your employees' work days less stressful. Happy, engaged staff are better equipped, and they deliver outstanding patient service. 

3: Remotely-Accessible Healthcare Services

With the changes and safety concerns brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, most patients now prefer telehealth options whenever possible.

Patients feel safer when talking to their providers from the comfort of their own homes. They also appreciate saving time and money by not traveling to their doctor's office or spending time sitting in a waiting room. Telehealth can make a significant difference to patients with chronic diseases or disabilities requiring frequent appointments. 

4: Fast and Convenient Intake Procedures

Time is precious, and for most of us, it spells money. No patient is satisfied with delays and long wait times caused by time-consuming patient intake procedures and paperwork. Practices that streamline the intake process with secure online registration forms save their patients' time and increase overall satisfaction and create efficiencies in their day. 

5: Fast and Reliable Quality Healthcare

Rapid, personalized, and effective healthcare is the bottom line of patient satisfaction.

Patients appreciate when healthcare providers listen to their needs and address their concerns. While there are sometimes hurdles when diagnosing a patient's condition and finding the best treatment, open communication and education can help patients feel more confident about their care and health. 

Patients value expertise or professionalism from their healthcare providers as well as an attentive and compassionate bedside manner. The best doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals combine their education, training, and experience with a passion for patient-focused care. 

6: Secure and Easy Payment Options

Today, we can buy anything with a swipe of a card or a tap on our phones. As more patient services become available online, patients expect the same ease of payment with other vendors. 

However pleasant the in-office or telehealth experience was for patients when doctors or health professionals attended them, a positive review could quickly turn into a bad one simply because of payment complications. 

Practices should consider secure online payment options so patients can take care of their copays, deductibles, and other fees with ease. 

In Summary

Many factors contribute to patient satisfaction, but it boils down to offering convenient healthcare, accessible communications, and attentive, patient-focused care. If you are looking for ways to improve your patient communications and front office processes, consider Curogram. Our HIPAA-compliant 2-way communications, telehealth, and practice management platform can help you boost your patient satisfaction scores.   Schedule a demo today to learn more.