Learn how reviews and ratings influence patients' decisions on choosing a medical practice. See our top tips for collecting 5-star ratings.

The Power of 5-star Reviews and How to Get Them

For your medical practice to succeed, you need to acquire two things: a high-value and quality service and satisfied patients. If you can get these two to roll, then your practice is on the right track. 

But high-quality care and satisfied patients aren't the only factors needed to take your medical practice to the next level. It takes another ingredient to spark up the formula — 5-star online reviews.

Online reviews play an exciting part in marketing a medical practice or group. Understanding how to get 5-star reviews can unleash your potential to grow your practice.

According to a recent survey, close to 100% of consumers say they read reviews online when shopping. This habit persists when a person is looking for a medical provider or practice. Healthcare organizations with plenty of positive ratings are more likely to attract clients than those who don’t.

You need to take the extra mile to get those 5-star reviews. Having more positive reviews gives you an advantage when it comes to convincing new patients to choose your practice.

Online Reviews

To understand the power of online reviews, you need to know how it works for both patients and providers. 

For Patients

Online reviews help patients learn about potential health care providers and offices. Practices with many positive reviews look more attractive and reliable than those without reviews, or worse, negative ones. In turn, patients may write reviews about a service to either express satisfaction or dismay. 

For Providers

Medical practices need reviews to increase their search engine results and attract new patients. Five-star reviews are like credibility badges that patients attach to your practice and your services. Prospective patients now take the time to read what other patients say about you. They’re more likely to believe what other patients say about your services rather than what your profile says. 

Online reviews build your reputation online, and the positive ones serve as testimonies of how satisfied your patients are with your service. These reviews become recommendations to other patients reading them online.

Not all of your patients, however, leave reviews. And unfortunately, dissatisfied patients are more likely to leave a review than the happy ones — and 1-star reviews can negatively impact the reputation of your medical practice. 

So, how can you reduce your risk of poor reviews while you scale your 5-star ratings?

The Power of a 5-Star Rating

In a recent survey conducted by PowerReviews this year, 98% of consumers consider reviews as an essential resource when making purchase decisions. Ratings and reviews already outrank "price" as the most important factor influencing purchase decisions. 

In healthcare, a patient journey survey conducted in 2019 showed that 80% of consumers use the internet for health information. Patients usually search online for symptoms, health providers nearby and their corresponding ratings, how easy it is to book an appointment with them, and the friendliness of their staff. 

A 5-star review also differentiates your practice from the competition. Receiving more 5-star reviews helps you set the standard for a particular service line or medical specialty. 

Additionally, you can share 5-star reviews and comments on your website and across other marketing channels. Remember — patients believe what others say about you more than what you say about yourself. 

How to Get a 5-Star Review

You need to understand what it takes to receive a 5-star so you can implement those processes in your practice. If you want to encourage your patients to leave positive reviews, you should consider the following tips.

Deliver 5-star service

First, for your service to receive a high rating, it must deserve one. If you want your patients to give you a 5-star review, ensure that their whole experience with your practice satisfies, or better yet, surpasses their expectations. 

Patients value time and convenience. Use an online appointment booking system that integrates with providers’ calendars to allow patients to schedule appointments at their convenience. You can also use a HIPAA-compliant two-way texting platform to allow your patients to communicate with your front office staff. 

Ensure that you provide attentive, patient-focused care and personalized treatment plans. Patients want to feel their needs and decisions are recognized and respected concerning their health and wellness. 

Providers and front office staff must work together

Satisfied patients are more likely to give 5-star reviews to medical practices that provide them the most satisfying patient experience, from the time they schedule their appointment until they head home after being seen. 

Creating an excellent patient experience is a journey. When providers and front office staff work as a team to give customers the best patient experience, they’re more likely to earn 5-stars ratings from their patients. 

First impressions last. Ensure that you establish a first patient encounter to leave the best impressions. Set up booking appointments fast and easy and checking in warm and accommodating.

Attending physicians continue the positive experience by providing the best patient-centered care possible. A patient-focused bedside manner, including taking time to listen to your patients, explaining their condition and treatment options, and respecting patients' beliefs, opinions and decisions. 

Finally, use a HIPAA-compliant messaging platform to enable fast and secure internal communications between providers, staff, and patients. Patients want to be able to contact your office easily.

Go ahead and ask for a review

Satisfied patients don’t usually think about leaving a positive review. It often helps to ask your patients about their experience with your practice as soon as they leave your office. An automated review collection service may help you to send out text reminders to encourage patient feedback.

Take the time to respond

When your patients take time to give you a positive review, you can respond to acknowledge them and thank them for their response. If you happen to get a poor review, you can and should reach out to your patient to find out how you can remedy the situation and improve your services. 

Automated Reviews

A HIPAA-compliant universal health messaging platform, like Curogram, offers healthcare providers an automated system of asking patients for a quick review immediately after an appointment. 

Once a patient gives you a 5-star review, the system automatically asks if they'd like to share their experience on the practices on the Google business page. 

The automated texts already include easy-to-click links that make it more convenient for patients to leave a glowing review in a few minutes. 

Putting effort in to earning 5-star reviews is worth it

Undeniably, patient satisfaction ratings influence potential patients' decision-making processes. As a result, healthcare providers need to consider reviews as an essential part of marketing their practice.

Five-star ratings are powerful because they give patients additional references to help them make an informed choice about their health care. It's imperative to live up to the online reputation you want for your practice.

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