Before booking an appointment or walking through your doors, prospective patients gauge your credibility and reputation based on your online ratings and reviews. These testimonials serve as compelling social proofs, drawing potential patients and assuring them of quality of care. For this reason, amassing positive reviews is a strategic marketing tool for private practices to propel their growth and build on their online reputation.

In this article, we’ll explore the impact of five-star ratings on your practice’s market visibility and show you how to get 5-star Google Reviews automatically with the help of Curogram.

What are Google Reviews?

Google Reviews are reviews or customer feedback left by customers directly on Google. These reviews prominently appear alongside your Google Business Profile in Google search results, as well as when a search on Google Maps is made.

The potential of reviews to shape public perception makes them a worthwhile investment for boosting your Google review ratings.

Benefits of Getting 5-Star Reviews for Your Health Practice

Promotional tactics and advertisements can strengthen your online visibility, but the power of word-of-mouth stands out. It capitalizes on personal testimonials for a genuine, trusted endorsement.

In the same vein, Google reviews involve real patient feedback, which helps gain prospective clients’ trust, and attract them to your practice. Plus, using Google Reviews doesn’t require technical know-how and won’t cost you a dime.

Here are some benefits of getting patient Google reviews for your practice:

Online Reviews Help You Get Discovered By New Patients

Google isn’t just a search engine. It’s a powerful tool that helps people find trusted businesses. Statistics show that nearly all consumers used the Internet to find information about a local business, with 87% turning to Google to do their search. 

Ever searched for “[service] near me”? You’ve likely seen a list of three top-rated businesses, along with their addresses and ratings. Clicking on a business unveils a link to their site, customer reviews, and ways to contact the business. Securing a spot here elevates your visibility, drawing potential patients directly to your practice, and encouraging patient interaction.

Additionally, Google favors businesses with higher ratings, so having many 5-star reviews optimizes a health practice’s position in search rankings, propelling your health practice to the front of the queue and placing it directly in the view of prospective patients.

Patients Heavily Rely on Online Reviews 

With nearly four of every five consumers regarding reviews as highly as personal recommendations, patient reviews have the power to shape people’s perception of your practice, presenting it as a dependable and credible choice for healthcare needs.

Additionally, 58% share that a high star rating (that is, businesses with at least 4 stars on average) makes them feel positive about using a business. This underscores the pivotal role impressive ratings play in a prospective patient’s decision-making process when seeking a healthcare practice online.

Reviews Make Great Marketing Material

The genuine and unbiased nature of reviews makes them valuable resources for crafting authentic, compelling narratives in your marketing campaigns, whether on your website, social media, or other promotional platforms.

By leveraging genuine customer feedback, your marketing efforts become more relatable and compelling, enhancing patient attraction and retention.

Reviews bring a practical benefit: efficiency. They stand apart from many marketing strategies that demand considerable time, money, and technical prowess. Reviews simplify marketing, requiring you do little more than share a link to your customers. This makes the process straightforward, while maintaining the integrity and authenticity of your marketing.

A Continuous Flow of Reviews Maintains Relevance

Constant new feedback helps pinpoint how you can improve patient care and adapt to the evolving expectations and needs of your patients.  A steady stream of new reviews also keeps your business prominent online, boosting your online standing. These two complimentary flows are not just about gaining feedback, but using it wisely to stay updated and relevant both within your practice and in the ever-changing online world.

Best Practices to Get Reviews

Getting patients to leave a review is as easy as giving them a URL specific to your health practice. All that’s left is to do is to encourage them to take that step. Here are strategic tips on how to get 5-star reviews on Google:

  1. Get and Verify a Google Business Profile: The first step is to ensure you have a verified business so that it appears on Google Search, Maps, and other services. Without this, patients won’t be able to leave your practice a review. 
  2.   Ask for Reviews: Take that step and ask your patients for reviews. You’d be surprised—about 65% of people are willing to leave a review when asked. Since people are generally wary of clicking random links being sent to them, sending them a link from a source they trust and regularly communicate with makes them more likely to oblige.
  3.   Make Leaving Reviews Super Easy: Streamline the review process to encourage more patients to share their experiences. Curogram automates this by sending a review link directly to patients post-visit, making it convenient for them to leave feedback without it feeling burdensome. 
  4.   Value and Respond to Negative Reviews: Ensure patients feel valued by quickly addressing their feedback, thus strengthening patient relationships and showcasing your attentiveness to customer needs. Receiving low-star ratings is a genuine concern. Curogram captures feedback instantly before it becomes public, allowing you to resolve issues internally. Doing so minimizes the risk of public negative reviews, and helps you maintain your online reputation.

How to Ask for a 5-Star Google Reviews Automatically Using Curogram

If you’re wondering how to get 5-star reviews on Google, Curogram has the solution. It streamlines the review acquisition process by seamlessly automating it. Curogram achieves this by integrating directly with your practice’s EMR and automatically dispatching rating requests to each patient after their visit.

Curogram Helps You Get More High Ratings

The software safeguards your online reputation by identifying patients likely to leave excellent feedback. By setting a rating threshold, only those who meet your target receive the Google review URL — perhaps only those who give a 9 or 10 rating —  ensuring mostly positive public reviews.

This system lets you manage the volume and quality of online reviews, giving you greater control over your online reputation and image.

Curogram Proactively Handles Negative Reviews

Curogram’s functionality doesn’t end at promoting positive reviews; it also prioritizes effective resolution of patient concerns. Its system automatically identifies ratings below a threshold you designate, such as a 7, triggering an immediate apology to the patient, ensuring responsiveness to their feedback.

Additionally, the software facilitates a more nuanced feedback process. Your health practice has the option to include a link to a rich survey (which you can fully customize) to pinpoint which part/s of your service needs improvement. 

Curogram Lets You Deal With Concerns Privately

Curogram also allows for direct feedback within its internal system, providing a space for dissatisfied patients to express their concerns and grievances. This feature channels negative feedback away from public platforms like Google and Yelp, enabling businesses to address and resolve issues privately and effectively, protecting their online reputation.

By ensuring immediate notification when receiving a low rating is sent, the software ensures swift intervention, letting your health practice proactively address patients’ concerns and nurture them better.

Boost Online Reputation and Build Online Presence Through Reviews

Getting five-star reviews online is paramount in enhancing the visibility and credibility of your health practice, showcasing it as a leading choice for potential patients in the area.

Asking for and managing online reviews can be daunting, but with software like Curogram, you can easily manage your reviews. Curogram seamlessly integrates with your existing system, allowing you to focus primarily on delivering exceptional patient care while it adeptly handles the intricacies of review management.