If you want patients to find your medical practice, you need a solid online presence. Showing in a prospective patient’s search results gives you a substantial advantage over other doctors in your area.

Having a website alone on the internet is no longer enough for patients to find you online. All organizations experience this reality and acknowledge the need for a strategy with a more active approach to their online presence. Healthcare companies are no exception.

Your website may have a lot of traffic coming from patients looking to find your contact information or access their online portal, but that's not the only kind of traffic you want for your practice. Yes, providing a great user experience for existing patients is necessary. But a great user experience and online presence that piques the interest of prospective patients can be radical. Here’s how you can enhance your practice’s online presence.

Build Your Social Media Presence

Social media is a powerful tool your practice can utilize. Social media can market your practice’s services, enhance patient engagement, and help your audience grow. You can share different content through social media, including blog posts, podcasts, images, videos, etc.

One of the most effective social media platforms is Facebook for healthcare organizations. Many patients use this social network to search for providers. Create a Facebook page and provide all of your practice’s details, including your location, website, contact information, and a few pictures of your staff and office.

Maintain your presence on social media by updating your practice’s page frequently with news about your practice or publishing exciting content to keep your patients coming back while attracting new patients.

Use Google My Business

Patients typically search for providers nearby or in their local area, so having your practice set up with a Google business profile is crucial. By using Google My Business (GMB), you can get your practice to climb on search results, and prospective patients can find your practice quickly.

For example, if your practice is listed on Google Maps when a patient types in your town, community, or city, and “physician” or your specialty, your practice’s name and location should appear. Prospective patients can also find your practice by doing a “Search Nearby” on Google Maps for doctor offices in the area.

The goal of Google business profiles for healthcare providers is to link searchers to the best medical practice for their needs, using detailed, trusted information. So invest effort in optimizing your Google business listing to make sure your practice is more visible to prospective patients while enhancing your online presence.

Invest in Paid Search Advertising

If you want a quick and effective way to enhance your online presence, paid search advertising can help your practice prominently show up on websites, social media feeds, and search engines. With SEO, you can only target your audience with specific keywords, but with paid search advertising, you can better target audiences with several criteria to directly reach multiple audiences and increase your online presence and new patient enrollments.

Work your way through these three practical tips for enhancing your online presence. It’s a competitive world for medical practitioners, but you can help your practice stand out by making it more accessible to patients searching online. Once the patients start coming in, you’ll need to develop strategies to keep them engaged online. One strategy is to use efficient practice management systems.

Curogram is an all-inclusive HIPAA-compliant telemedicine software that helps healthcare providers manage patients, staff, and healthcare systems. You can use these platforms to capture patient data, book appointments, share prescriptions, and track patient health status. If you want to know more about managing your online presence and services, contact Curogram today.

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