Many medical practices need to adjust to the increasing power of patient voices, on-demand trends, and the evolving technology. Many people want to do things from home, including seeing a doctor. This means people will prefer to receive services without being physically present. How is this possible? By leveraging technology.

With technology, patients can have one-on-one sessions with doctors in different states and countries from the comfort of their homes, offices, or wherever. This ensures that patients stay connected to healthcare providers they can trust. Practices that offer this convenience will see higher patient retention rates, less human traffic in health centers, and more.

This article spotlights three strategies that will nurture provider-patient relationships and chart your practice on the path to success in today’s rapidly evolving world.

Implementation of Telemedicine

The first strategy is to implement telemedicine software into your practice. Telemedicine has become incredibly important due to the increased deployment and development of digital technologies. Telemedicine gives your patients a safe way to communicate with you without leaving the comfort of their homes.

Additionally, with the help of telemedicine services, you can provide your patients helpful options to schedule an appointment online or send you a text message when they have health-related concerns. Telemedicine promotes better patient care, reduces patient no-shows, and can mitigate revenue loss situations.

Connecting to patients means everything to medical practices. With telemedicine, you can reach out and deliver care to your patients wherever they are, even in remote or rural areas. Through online consultations, far away patients don't need to travel and waste valuable time, as they can connect with you via mobile phone or computer.

Prioritizing Data Security

Prioritize your practice’s data security to protect confidential patient information and comply with regulations like those mandated by HIPAA. With the rise of virtual care, keeping patient data safe through robust identity protection and matching is even more critical.

Based on HIPAA Journal’s Healthcare Data Breach Report in 2019, 37.47% more breaches were recorded that year than in 2018. A total of 41,335,889 patient record breaches in 2019 is why you must strengthen your system’s security and prevent cybercriminals from hacking your data.

Keeping your patient records safe and secure is one of the significant factors affecting your relationship with your patients. It is essential that you assure them of their health information privacy and must not have any concerns over security breaches in your practice. Building relationships with your patients also means improving your practice’s data security.

Enhance Patient Communication

It’s vital to work on your communication with patients continuously. Regardless of the status, whether they’re an active patient or not, you must find a way to reach out to them and make them feel like you care for them. An effective way to optimize patient care is by having excellent provider-patient communication.

The importance of communication as an essential component and foundation of patient care is evident. Healthcare providers and other medical practices can’t merely assume that patients automatically understand the complexities of taking prescriptions or complying with details of their health treatment. You must communicate with your patients regularly to maintain your practice and their health.

By implementing these three strategies, you can strengthen your connection with your patients and benefit your practice at the same time. Patient experience is pivotal to your practice and encompasses your services, healthcare costs, and quality of care. Your patients want to feel knowledgeable about their health, and you can help them and your practice by utilizing technology.

Health tech solutions like Curogram enhance healthcare quality and convenience by integrating an easy-to-use HIPAA-compliant patient communication program into your practice, allowing patients to experience smoother communication with the help of 2-way text messaging. Curogram’s innovative telemedicine software helps you build a stronger foundation with patients by increasing satisfaction rates and connecting more efficiently. It’s a key element to keep your practice well prepared for anything that may come and maintain a connection with patients. Ready to get started on the path to success? Contact us today!.

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