Healthcare providers who implement Prime Clinical Systems (Prime Clinical) into their medical practice can admit patients online and increase productivity and revenue through easy integration with telemedicine solution Curogram.

This move is timely as clinics must meet patient demands for a more convenient way to schedule and attend appointments with their healthcare providers. 

A telemedicine solution like Curogram meets the demand while integrating with Prime Clinical software, making it worth your time and resources because you provide modern-oriented healthcare.

What does Prime Clinical do for a medical practice?

Prime Clinical Systems is a software that specializes in handling electronic health records (EHRs) and electronic medical records (EMRs), delivering support for medical practices in medical and patient records management. 

An EHR software like Prime Clinical capitalizes on the company's three decades of practice management support for physicians for the following:

  • Appointment management
  • Billing management
  • Clinical workflow
  • Document management
  • EM coding
  • Insurance and claims
  • Lab integration
  • Medical templates
  • Patient demographics
  • Referrals
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Scheduling
  • Voice recognition

Prime Clinical, however, is not a telemedicine solution featuring advancements in health information technology that satisfy a modern patient population's demands for convenient, streamlined, and remote healthcare services. That’s why it must integrate with a robust telemedicine solution.

Why is it necessary to integrate Prime Clinical with a telemedicine solution?

Prime Clinical must integrate with telemedicine software to provide a streamlined experience for patients and clinic staff to get the most out of remote healthcare. Nobody wants to be buried in stacks of patient forms and documents, especially if healthcare providers can handle information digitally — they can with the right telemedicine software that integrates with Prime Clinical’s EHR. 

While many healthcare providers see EHR integration as expensive, reality shows otherwise. Digital integrations save time and money for most industries, including healthcare. 

Traditionally, staff inputs data manually, even when using some HIPAA-compliant virtual visits platforms like DrChrono, Epic or AdvancedMD. That wastes countless hours on paperwork and administrative tasks that they could eliminate by integrating a telemedicine solution with their EHR.

Curogram integrates with Prime Clinical’s patient database of record and schedule of record to simplify tasks such as:

  • Scheduling
  • Hosting online appointments
  • Sending visit summaries to patients
  • Providing treatment
  • Communicating with patients

Integrating Curogram with Prime Clinical also streamlines patient and medical information entry with its electronic patient forms that Curogram automatically updates to your EHR system.

What are the benefits of integrating Prime Clinical Systems with Curogram’s telemedicine software?

Before transitioning to telemedicine, healthcare providers must know the benefits they can expect from an integration. Here are a few notable examples of what Curogram’s telemedicine software offers when integrated with Prime Clinical: 

  1. Secure store-and-forward features
  2. Remote patient monitoring
  3. Efficient workflow
  4. Reduced no-shows

Receive and Store Patient Information With Ease

Patients often have to communicate with their healthcare provider in real-time to securely transfer crucial information. With the help of a telemedicine solution, patients can transfer information to their physician outside of an appointment. 

Curogram offers secure store-and-forward features that make it easy to store and transmit information in a HIPAA-compliant manner. Everything the patient sends uploads automatically to Prime Clinical’s EHR, giving staff more convenient access to the info and avoiding the need for manual data entry. 

Communicate With Patients More Frequently

It's challenging to monitor a patient continuously, even if they are nearby. Most patients skip follow-ups or regular check-ups and only come in for an appointment once their condition starts worsening. For those living in rural areas, frequent in-person visits are not a realistic option. 

Telemedicine solutions enable consistent communication for long-distance patients and make check-ups a quick task, encouraging patients to take better care of their health and making it easier for physicians to monitor chronic conditions. 

Curogram guarantees secure patient communication via texting or telemedicine virtual visits.

Minimize the Amount of Paperwork

Integrating Curogram with Prime Clinical reduces the need for paperwork. The handling of patient data, forms, and visit summaries is digital and a centralized database stores everything. Healthcare providers can easily access patient information for diagnosis or treatment and avoid manual data entry and the risk of a lost document. 

Reduce Patient No-Shows

A considerable problem for medical offices is that patients tend to forget about their appointments. Calling patients to remind them doesn't solve the issue entirely and requires front desk staff to spend a great deal of time on the phone. 

Curogram can integrate with your patient schedule and send smart text reminders to reduce the number of no-shows by a staggering 75%.

When you integrate Prime Clinical Systems with Curogram, you get a stress-free, seamless telemedicine launch. 

Many healthcare providers hesitate to adopt telemedicine because the process can be an enormous undertaking. To complete the integration with a telemedicine solution other than Curogram, you have to:

  • Wait months for EHR software integration
  • Get a quote from the telemedicine vendor
  • Negotiate a contract 
  • Train employees
  • Hire IT experts to incorporate the software

By the time the Prime Clinical EHR integration is complete, you may wonder if it was worth the hassle. The good news is that Curogram does not require any of the above steps to integrate with Prime Clinical Systems.

Curogram Integrates With Prime Clinical Systems Within 48 Hours

Curogram’s Prime Clinical EHR integration process takes 48 hours or less, providing you with essential telemedicine features in the time span of two days. 

Curogram imports the following patient data from Prime Clinical Systems automatically:

  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Email
  • Phone

When handling appointments, Curogram can differentiate between different types, and it imports the following data:

  • Appointment types (e.g., in-person or virtual)
  • Appointment times
  • Provider
  • Location

No Administrative Hassles

Curogram does not require any extra paperwork or contract negotiation with medical practices that use Prime Clinical to integrate with the software. 

Once you integrate Curogram with Prime Clinical, you automatically enter into a Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) required business associate agreement

Train Employees in Five Minutes

Staff members don't require hours of training to use Curogram. The user interface (UI) is intuitive enough that staff can start using it after a five-minute introduction. 

After integrating Curogram’s telemedicine software with Prime Clinical Systems, healthcare professionals can easily master how to admit patients online, create templated responses for patient inquiries over text, and manage the virtual clinic. 

Start Using Telemedicine Without Expert IT Help

There is no complex IT infrastructure or the need to hire an IT expert for integration between Curogram and Prime Clinical. Curogram’s browser-based telemedicine solution is easy to install for anyone.

What telemedicine and patient engagement services does Curogram provide?

While Curogram guarantees you seamless, hassle-free integration with Prime Clinical, it also ensures that your medical practice immediately begins offering patient-centered telemedicine services that Curogram's suite of features bring in with integrating with your EHR system.

Customized Reminders by Appointment Type and Location

Using Curogram, you can customize reminders to provide patients with the crucial information they need before their virtual or in-person appointment. 

If you send generalized reminders for appointments, patients might not know how to prepare adequately. For example, with a virtual visit, the patient's provider might require additional documentation, such as photographs of a visible condition. The provider can start the appointment with this info readily available in their EHR, courtesy of proper integration by Curogram. 

For an in-person visit, the reminder can include the office’s exact address and parking details to help the patient reach their appointment. You can also send intake forms ahead of time to expedite processing.

Curogram Differentiates Between In-Person and Virtual Appointments

Curogram makes it easier to schedule in-person and online appointments without creating confusion. The software can differentiate between the two types of appointments and adjust reminders accordingly. 

If a patient schedules a virtual appointment, they don't need a lot of time to prepare. Sending a reminder 15 minutes before the appointment should be enough. Clinics can also set another reminder the day before the appointment so that the patient doesn't schedule anything else for that particular day. 

The patient needs enough time to prepare and reach the clinic for in-person appointments. Curogram's smart reminders consider travel time and include any info to prepare for their appointment. 

Curogram's Integrated Patient Intake Forms Improve Your Clinic's Workflow

Patient intake forms help doctors read a patient's symptoms or condition to provide adequate care. Most clinics use paper forms to collect patient information but they only create additional work with manual input of the info into the EHR. 

Curogram's electronic patient forms feature makes collecting and storing patient information easier. The patient doesn't have to fill out a paper form or even go to the office. They can provide their information using their phone or desktop computer and send it to the healthcare provider. Curogram uploads the patient forms to the clinic's EHR automatically in a neat PDF format. 

The electronic patient forms help improve workflow by:

  • Letting patients submit info without coming into the clinic
  • Eliminating the need for double entry
  • Lowering the risk of data transfer errors
  • Centralizing data in an easy-to-access database

Since paper forms take up a significant chunk of administrative work in healthcare clinics, eliminating them frees up time to see and attend to patients. A more substantial number of patients leads to higher revenue. 

Curogram Includes HIPAA-Compliant 2-Way Texting

Patients want to communicate via texting or SMS, but most telemedicine solutions can't offer this feature without compromising patient info. Curogram, however, lets patients and doctors or medical staff communicate securely via text. A patient can schedule appointments and send information in a text without putting the clinic at risk of a HIPAA violation. 

Curogram’s 2-way HIPAA-compliant texting allows patients to:

  • Schedule appointments
  • Reschedule appointments
  • Send inquiries
  • Start appointments through a secure link

You can set up the texting system so that when the patient sends questions to their healthcare provider, the message routes to the right person in the clinic. You can even set templated responses for common inquiries. 

Office staff may use texting features to simplify the following tasks:

  • Patient onboarding
  • Payment requests
  • Giving information about the visit
  • Supplying prescription details
  • Sending patient intake forms
  • Sending details about lab orders

With Curogram, you get more than EHR integration with Prime Clinical; you get a robust telemedicine solution that improves the healthcare you deliver.

Start integrating Curogram's telemedicine features into your Prime Clinical Systems EHR today.

Curogram provides all the benefits that a perfect telemedicine software should while throwing in a few bonuses to improve your practice's workflow. Curogram’s one-of-a-kind telemedicine software lets you set up appointments, collect patient info, and establish communication channels with ease while only taking about two days to integrate with Prime Clinical. It's the best telemedicine solution for clinics that use Prime Clinical.