Telemedicine solutions have become an essential part of modern medical care. A clinic that can’t offer long-distance patient communication won’t be able to keep up with rival clinics that provide telemedicine and two-way texting options to patients. 

When it comes to communicating with their healthcare providers, patients demand convenience. They want to be able to connect with their doctor using their phones or laptops instead of spending hours on the phone and waiting in line at a clinic. 

Many patients can’t reach their healthcare provider due to their illnesses or distance to a clinic. Telemedicine solutions would help them get adequate care despite these limitations and regardless of their physical location. 

A telemedicine solution must be able to integrate with a clinic’s EHR or practice management system to be effective. Without integration, the clinic’s staff would have to enter patient data into the EHR manually, adding to the workload and defeating the point of enabling new features. When integrated, a telemedicine solution can centralize patient data, simplify scheduling, and enable video conferencing visits.

You can expect all of these features and more after integrating Curogram. We provide patients with the ability to text their doctors to set up appointments or ask questions. The cherry on top is the ability to integrate with Kareo in 48h or less.

Why Is It Crucial To Integrate Kareo With Curogram?

Modern problems require modern solutions, and the world of medicine has no shortage of problems. Digitization is a slow process in medicine, with countless clinics sticking to paperwork despite digital alternatives. 

Many healthcare providers implement EHRs like Kareo into their workflows but are skeptical of telemedicine solutions. The general consensus is that these solutions are expensive and time-consuming to integrate, but the data says otherwise. With well-integrated telemedicine software, a clinic’s efficiency can increase dramatically. 

Curogram offers to introduce the latest telemedicine features while decreasing the need for double data entry and other administrative tasks. Our software integrates with your Patient Database of Record and Schedule of Record to provide a streamlined experience when scheduling and recording patient data. The program also acts as a centralized database that makes it easier to access patient and schedule information. 

With Curogram, clinic staff can spend less time dealing with paperwork and more time admitting patients. 

The Benefits of Integrating Kareo With a Telemedicine Solution

Integrating telemedicine software provides a wide array of advantages to healthcare providers. Some of the most well-known telemedicine benefits include:

  1. Improved patient care
  2. Increased clinic efficiency
  3. Convenient communication channels
  4. Increased patient satisfaction

Improved Patient Care

Patients that live in rural areas sometimes find it difficult to reach their healthcare providers. If they have chronic conditions that must be tracked, regular visits are required for adequate care. Telemedicine solutions can make it easier for patients to communicate with their physicians from a distance

A teleconference visit can’t replace advanced diagnostics or bloodwork, but it can help doctors take care of rudimentary check-ups and consultations. Thanks to telemedicine, a patient that can’t reach their physician in person will still be able to communicate with them regularly and receive the required medical care. 

Increased Clinic Efficiency

Telemedicine solutions get rid of dull, administrative tasks by introducing digital alternatives that update automatically. Electronic patient forms, online scheduling, and digital records can replace their paper counterparts and reduce the workload significantly. With more time on their hands, clinic staff can focus on admitting more patients, which results in higher revenue for the practice. 

Convenient Communication Channels

The #1 demand among patients is the ability to text their healthcare provider. Texting has become a ubiquitous part of modern culture, and it’s a convenient way to communicate. People read 90% of the texts they receive, which makes texts a reliable way to convey information to patients. Most telemedicine solutions can’t offer secure, HIPAA-compliant texting, but Curogram does. 

Increased Patient Satisfaction

Patients want more convenience in their healthcare options. If they don’t have to spend hours traveling to a clinic for a consultation or check-up, they’ll communicate with their doctor more frequently. With better care and more convenience, the healthcare experience is smoother and more streamlined, leading to increased patient satisfaction. 

Have a Seamless Transition to Telemedicine With Curogram’s Help

With most telemedicine solutions, integration is no simple task. There are a lot of hurdles during the process, including:

  1. Integration taking a long time
  2. Paperwork being abundant
  3. IT assistance being required
  4. Staff training requiring time and resources

Integrate Curogram with Kareo in 48 Hours or Less

While most telemedicine integrations take upwards of nine months, Curogram finalizes the process in 48h. Within the span of a single weekend, you can set up a virtual clinic and start using Curogram’s advanced telemedicine features.

Skip the Administrative Hurdles

Before you can integrate a telemedicine solution, you have to negotiate with the vendor. In most cases, the integration is preceded by a price quote and contract negotiation, which only takes up more time. 

Integrating Curogram doesn’t require any particular administrative tasks, as you enter into a Business Associate Agreement by default. You can start integrating the software as soon as possible and avoid further delays.

Integrate Without IT Help

It can take weeks or months to set up most telemedicine software. Hiring an IT expert for the job isn’t cheap and can amount to thousands of dollars.

Integrating Curogram is simple enough that you don’t need an IT expert. The software connects with Kareo and inputs the following patient data automatically:

  • Email
  • Phone
  • Name
  • Date of Birth

When it comes to appointment data, the following is integrated:

  • Provider
  • Location
  • Appointment types
  • Appointment times

Train Employees in Five Minutes

Changes are difficult to adapt to in the workplace—especially if it’s a clinic. Patients’ health is at stake, and you can’t afford the staff making mistakes when using new software and features. 

What makes Curogram so convenient is that it requires next-to-no training to master. After a five-minute introduction, your staff will be able to use our telemedicine features with ease

Curogram Differentiates Between Different Types of Appointments

Even after you integrate a telemedicine solution, it will only supplement your regular, in-person appointments. When you introduce teleconference visits, it’s important that your telemedicine solution can differentiate between the two. 

Curogram lets you send reminders that help patients prepare for their visits properly. A reminder for a virtual appointment will be different compared to one for an in-person consultation. You can set multiple reminders to jog the patient’s memory a few days before an appointment

For virtual visits, the patient can receive their final reminder 15 minutes beforehand. For in-person appointments, it’s crucial that you remind the patient a few hours before it starts so that they can organize transportation and travel to the clinic. 

If a patient’s condition or visit type necessitates additional information, you can use Curogram’s customized reminders to give them a heads-up. They can fill out multiple forms or send photographs of visible conditions and changes, which will be uploaded to Kareo automatically. The doctor can access the data during a virtual or in-person appointment with ease. 

Create Customized Electronic Patient Intake Forms

Patient intake forms make up a significant part of day-to-day clinic paperwork. Crowds of patients have to elbow one another while filling out forms in the waiting room. Paper forms cause multiple problems:

  1. The handwriting is often illegible
  2. Transcription and paper scans take time
  3. Waiting rooms are crowded with sick patients

By using Curogram’s electronic patient intake forms, you can avoid these common issues and increase clinic productivity. 

Instead of having staff spend hours transcribing patient information, patients fill out forms and send them back to you as PDFs. The forms are then uploaded to your EHR automatically. Since patients can input their information from a phone or desktop computer, there’s no reason to spend more time in the clinic than necessary. By the time they come in for an appointment, the doctor will already have all the information they need in their EHR. 

Evaluate a Telemedicine Solution by Asking the Right Questions

When browsing telemedicine solutions, how do you know which one is most effective? If you aren’t familiar with this type of software, it can be difficult to evaluate it properly. The best way to determine whether a telemedicine solution would suit your clinic is to ask vendors the right questions. Here are a few you should start with:

  1. Does this platform differentiate between in-person and telemedicine visits?
  2. Does your telemedicine solution offer secure data transfer?
  3. What kind of training is required?
  4. Does your telemedicine platform offer two-way real-time texting with the patient?
  5. Can you automate your reminders differently depending on the visit type?
  6. Does your telemedicine system provide unique links for patients so that they don’t have to re-enter registration data?
  7. Can you customize your reminders so that you can include patient onboarding instructions?
  8. Does your platform offer staff communication?
  9. Are there any integration costs?
  10. How long will the integration process take?

Try to find the best match for your clinic’s needs, and use the questions above to gauge the software’s compatibility. You’ll find that Curogram provides answers that will satisfy any healthcare provider’s needs. 

Features a Telemedicine Solution Must Have

Most telemedicine solutions are lacking in key features that would streamline workflow and communication. 

Many healthcare providers use Skype and Zoom to make up for the lack of teleconference options, but these types of compromises aren’t reliable or HIPAA-compliant. If you decide to integrate a telemedicine solution, you’ll want it to have all of the essential features. 

Don’t hesitate to ask vendors about must-have telemedicine features. Always mention the following ones:

  1. Integrated schedules
  2. Smart patient reminders
  3. Electronic patient intake forms
  4. Virtual waiting rooms
  5. Two-way texting

Schedule Appointments With Ease

Scheduling appointments with patients can be a complicated and time-consuming task. Doctors have to contact patients, wait to hear back from them, and only then set appointment dates. Rescheduling complicates the process further. 

By integrating Curogram with your EHR, you can let patients schedule appointments on their own. They can check out the available time slots and choose one that suits them best. Clinic staff doesn’t have to spare a thought for the schedule, as it’s updated automatically. 

Keep Patients Up To Date

Missed appointments seem like an unavoidable expense for every clinic. Statistics show that U.S. patients miss one in five doctor’s appointments. Part of the problem is that calling patients to remind them of an appointment isn’t effective. People don’t answer their phones as often as before, especially if it’s an unknown number. 

Curogram takes care of this problem by sending smart text appointment reminders. You can send them at different intervals and include crucial information for the patient. Our reminders reduce the number of no-shows by 75%. If a patient needs to prepare or add more documentation, the reminder can include instructions.

Send Electronic Patient Intake Forms

Paper patient forms are going out of style in modern medical practices. Clinic staff has to spend time transcribing or scanning them, which takes too long. Replacing paper intake forms with digital ones would go a long way to improve clinic productivity. 

Curogram offers electronic intake forms that upload to Kareo automatically. Staff can send patients these forms, and the patients don’t have to step foot in the clinic to fill them out. The feature saves time and resources and helps patients provide their data without hassle. 

Create a Virtual Waiting Room

When setting up teleconference visits, it’s crucial that you also implement a virtual waiting room. That way, patients can be admitted and their information processed before they start a virtual appointment. 

Curogram’s virtual waiting room has a slew of features that simplify admitting patients. You can customize the waiting room view so that only personnel that is assigned to a particular patient can view them. If the patient has to provide info to the front desk, only the front desk staff can connect with them. Once they’ve been processed, the front desk can change the patient’s status and the doctor can view them and connect for a virtual appointment. 

Communicate With Patients via HIPAA-Compliant Texts

Two-way texting has become a highly sought-after feature. Communicating via HIPAA compliant text messaging would save time for patients and clinic staff alike. Integrating Curogram enables two-way, HIPAA-compliant texting, which can be used in a variety of ways

You can connect your Google Business profile to a number that Curogram generates and let patients text you directly and:

  • Send inquiries
  • Schedule appointments
  • Reschedule appointments

If there are some common inquiries, you can set up templated responses with answers and send them automatically. Particular questions can be filtered by location, medical field, or appointment type so that the program forwards them to the right person in your team. 

Physicians can use texts for the following tasks:

  • Sending patient intake forms
  • Sending payment links
  • Giving information about the visit
  • Onboarding patients
  • Giving information about prescriptions
  • Sending details about lab orders

Curogram Can Integrate With Other EHRs

Curogram doesn’t only integrate seamlessly with Kareo—it can also connect with most of the popular EHRs or practice management systems. Our software uses the most advanced integration technology that allows it to connect with app-based, cloud-based, server-based, and web-browser-based EHRs

If you’re wondering about integration with other EHRs, you can check out a few examples below:

Curogram EHR Integrations







Practice Fusion




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Integrating Kareo With Curogram Ensures a Perfect Telemedicine Start

It’s hard to imagine a future without telemedicine solutions. They offer convenient features that can optimize a clinic's workflow and improve patient satisfaction. If you want your clinic to work at maximum efficiency, integrating a telemedicine solution should be your first move. 

Curogram can provide the simplest and most streamlined integration of any telemedicine software. Use our software to streamline day-to-day tasks and create the ideal virtual clinic. With the help of our smart reminders, integrated schedule, and electronic patient intake forms, you can make your clinic more efficient than ever!

Before integrating Curogram, you should familiarize yourself with all the applicable laws and regulations. Telemedicine regulations vary from state to state. The good news is that we have overviews of different states’ views of telemedicine on our blog, so check it out:

Telemedicine by State in the U.S.

Alabama Indiana Nebraska South Carolina
Alaska Iowa Nevada South Dakota
Arizona Kansas New Hampshire Tennessee
Arkansas Kentucky New Jersey Texas
California Louisiana New Mexico Utah
Colorado Maine New York Vermont
Connecticut Maryland North Carolina Virginia
Delaware Massachusetts  North Dakota Washington
Florida Michigan Ohio West Virginia
Georgia Minnesota Oklahoma Wisconsin
Hawaii Mississippi Oregon Wyoming
Idaho Missouri Pennsylvania  
Illinois Montana Rhode Island  

If you want to integrate Kareo with Curogram and see how our software can improve your clinic, schedule a free demo today. Within 48 hours, you’ll be able to set up a virtual clinic with ease and use all of our advanced telemedicine features.