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Michigan Telehealth Laws, Policies, Rules, and Regulations

Posted by Michael Hsu on 6/3/20 7:59 AM

Michigan is a state with precarious telemedicine and telehealth laws. While Michigan does have a telemedicine parity law and a telehealth law—the peculiar wording of the state’s telehealth legislation creates uncertainty among healthcare professionals. 

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Telemedicine in Massachusetts: Benefits and Challenges

Posted by Michael Hsu on 6/2/20 7:28 AM

The Bay State is a bit behind with the laws and regulations regarding telemedicine services. Unlike some of its neighbors, Massachusetts is yet to jump on the bandwagon and introduce proper regulation when it comes to the appropriate ways to practice telehealth, but also reimburse providers who practice it.

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Telemedicine in Oregon — Laws, Rules, and Regulations

Posted by Michael Hsu on 6/1/20 7:20 AM

Telemedicine policies, rules, and regulations in Oregon are scattered through several Senate Bills and enforced by a number of different entities — mainly Medicare and Medicaid. 

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Telemedicine in New York: Laws, Policies, Rules, and Regulations

Posted by Michael Hsu on 5/31/20 7:13 AM

The state of New York is quite open to telemedicine. Governor Andrew Cuomo signed the New York telehealth parity law in 2014, and it went into effect in 2016. The biggest impact NY’s parity law had on the practice of telemedicine in the state was the fact that it authorized coverage for telehealth services by Medicaid, private insurance, and state employee health plans.

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Telemedicine Reimbursement by State – Policies and Regulations

Posted by Michael Hsu on 5/30/20 7:07 AM

Telemedicine is growing rapidly and changing the healthcare landscape for the better. With many patients embracing the benefits of remote care, the practitioners are looking for ways to incorporate telehealth services into their practice. We are witnessing the continual rise of telemedicine-only practices as well.

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Telemedicine in Idaho: Rules, Regulations, and Benefits

Posted by Michael Hsu on 5/29/20 6:12 AM

Idaho, aka the Gem State, is hardly the leader in regulating telemedicine. This does not mean that you won't be able to provide telemedicine or telehealth services as an Idaho medical professional, but the legislation still needs to be shaped and polished to follow the example of some other states.

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Telehealth in Florida — Everything You Need to Know to Start Practicing Online Patient Care in Florida

Posted by Michael Hsu on 5/28/20 6:07 AM

Florida got proper telehealth legislation only recently, in 2019. The state legislature had been working on the law for several years before it was passed. What hindered its enactment was a debate over payment parity, which payer organizations won in the end.

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Telemedicine in Texas — A Comprehensive Guide to Texas Telemedicine Laws, Rules, and Regulations

Posted by Michael Hsu on 5/27/20 5:35 AM

Texas is a state with some of the most detailed and restrictive regulations regarding telemedicine in the United States. Despite the multitude of bills and regulations surrounding providing remote medical care to patients, until recently, medical professionals in Texas were quite limited in how they could practice telemedicine.

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Texting for Telemedicine: Is Texting HIPAA Compliant?

Posted by Michael Hsu on 5/26/20 3:14 AM

Texting is a service included in all phone packages, no matter which provider you use. It is one of the essential communication methods, second only to phone calls. Everybody knows how to use it, regardless of their age and love of new technology.

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Is Google Voice HIPAA Compliant?

Posted by Michael Hsu on 5/24/20 6:00 AM

Is Google Voice HIPAA compliant? Google Voice in healthcare

Google Voice is a cloud-based phone service. It allows you to choose a phone number that will be tied to your Google account. You can use it across many different devices to make and receive phone calls. This Google app also lets you exchange SMS messages and get voicemail.

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