Here at Curogram, we recognize and value the importance of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). As a result, we achieved the Compliancy Group’s most coveted Seal of Compliance, demonstrating our strict adherence to the regulations.

As a federal law enacted in 1996, HIPAA serves as the cornerstone in guarding protected health information (PHI) such as lab test results, insurance documents, healthcare bills, patient addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses, and biometric identifiers. 

It is a violation of the law to disclose any of this information via regular text. In other words, when communicating with patients or transferring patient information, you must use HIPAA-compliant communications platforms, like Curogram.

As a platform that primarily offers itself as a means to communicate this said information safely and vouch to protect them, Curogram always adheres to HIPAA. Our recent achievement of the Compliancy Group’s Seal of Compliance demonstrates our efforts and commitment to HIPAA.

What is the Seal of Compliance?

The Seal of Compliance is a recognition awarded to an organization or company for completing the federal HIPAA requirements. The Compliancy Group offers a proprietary process to confirm an organization’s compliance with HIPAA.

Achieving the Seal of Compliance signifies that an organization has made a good-faith undertaking to satisfy HIPAA requirements and possesses the documentation to prove they pass HIPAA audits. 

The Seal of Compliance differentiates its bearer — in terms of the assurance it offers to patients regarding the security and privacy of their private health information. As the industry standard for recognized compliance, the Seal of Compliance is the most reliable and effective way of demonstrating good-faith effort in upholding and respecting HIPAA regulations and guidelines.  

Earning the Seal of Compliance

The Compliancy Group issues the Seal of Compliance to healthcare organizations upon completing the HIPAA compliance program, using their proprietary software — The Guard. 

A compliance coach reviews your organization after you complete the implementation process. If you demonstrate that your organization satisfies the criteria, the Compliancy Group awards the Seal of Compliance. 

You can display the Seal of Compliance on your website, email signatures, and marketing materials. You can also display the Seal of Compliance in your office. 

The Seal of Compliance represents more than the effort you’ve invested in fulfilling the HIPAA requirements. It’s a badge of credibility, demonstrating your practice or business’ commitment to protecting your patients’ and clients’ personal health information. 

Curogram’s achievement of the Seal of Compliance is a testament to its commitment to HIPAA and the ideals that the legislation embraces. Curogram shares this accomplishment with all its clients who put their trust in the company and vows continued allegiance to the cause of protecting patient information. 

For more information about Curogram and HIPAA-compliant communications, contact us today.