Texting for Telemedicine: Is Texting HIPAA Compliant?

Posted by Michael Hsu on 5/26/20 3:14 AM

Texting is a service included in all phone packages, no matter which provider you use. It is one of the essential communication methods, second only to phone calls. Everybody knows how to use it, regardless of their age and love of new technology.

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Is Google Voice HIPAA Compliant?

Posted by Michael Hsu on 5/24/20 6:00 AM

Is Google Voice HIPAA compliant? Google Voice in healthcare

Google Voice is a cloud-based phone service. It allows you to choose a phone number that will be tied to your Google account. You can use it across many different devices to make and receive phone calls. This Google app also lets you exchange SMS messages and get voicemail.

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Is Zoom HIPAA Compliant?

Posted by Michael Hsu on 5/23/20 1:00 PM

Is Zoom HIPAA compliant? The ups and downs of using Zoom for telemedicine

When it comes to web conferencing apps, Zoom is among the favorites worldwide. It is a cloud-based platform that allows for multiple people to participate in a meeting, share files, and chat. Zoom is notoriously easy to use, which is one of the main reasons behind its popularity.

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Is eFax HIPAA Compliant? Online Faxing in Healthcare

Posted by Michael Hsu on 5/23/20 6:00 AM

If you’re still relying on clunky old fax machines to exchange patient records with other offices and providers, you may be interested in Internet faxing. One of the best-known Internet faxing services is eFax.

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Is Email HIPAA Compliant? How to Send HIPAA Compliant Emails

Posted by Michael Hsu on 5/22/20 1:00 PM

Recent events have shown us that in-person visits to the doctor’s aren’t always a viable option. The COVID-19 outbreak presented many challenges for countries all over the world and their healthcare systems. 

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Is Slack HIPAA Compliant? The Issues With Using Slack for Telemedicine

Posted by Michael Hsu on 5/22/20 6:15 AM

Slack is a powerful communication tool that enables organizations to communicate essential business information among their employees effectively. Given the fact that it facilitates collaboration and is quick to set up and easy to use, more and more businesses are opting to use Slack for internal communication. 

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Topics: HIPAA, Slack

Is RingCentral HIPAA Compliant? RingCentral as a Telemedicine Solution

Posted by Michael Hsu on 5/21/20 2:00 PM

RingCentral brands itself as an enterprise cloud communication and collaboration solution. Originally intended as a cloud-based phone system, RingCentral scaled to provide comprehensive communication solutions to businesses of all shapes and sizes. 

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Topics: HIPAA, RingCentral

Is GoToMeeting HIPAA Compliant? Using GoToMeeting for Telemedicine

Posted by Michael Hsu on 5/21/20 6:00 AM

GoToMeeting is a web-hosted app for virtual meetings by LogMeIn. You can use it for online meetings, video conferencing, voice calling, screen sharing, and more. 

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Topics: HIPAA, GoToMeeting

Is FaceTime HIPAA Compliant? FaceTime for Telemedicine

Posted by Michael Hsu on 5/19/20 5:17 AM

FaceTime is Apple’s proprietary app primarily used for video calling, but audio calls are also an option. It is available for iOS and Mac devices, so you can use it on your:

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Topics: HIPAA, FaceTime

Is HelloFax HIPAA Compliant? Online Faxing and Healthcare

Posted by Michael Hsu on 5/19/20 4:50 AM

Healthcare still relies on fax machines. It is a miracle that this obsolete piece of technology entered the twenty-first century at all. Medical professionals are some of the rare people who have to worry about jammed up paper, blurry text, and busy telephone lines.

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