With the launch of our ActiveSync service, Curogram can now sync with ANY EMR or scheduling software.  With this service, you can send automated text appointment reminders or Google Review requests within 24 hours of activation!  You can be setup in less than 30 minutes, and there is NO training

Curogram directly integrates with your EMR or Practice Management Software.

 Once you grant Curogram access, your patient schedule will be updated daily. You won't need to  double-enter appointments or upload your schedules.  Curogram works with almost every EMR or Practice Management solution

Benefit: Now any office can take advantage of Curogram’s 2-way texting system and automated appointment reminders with ZERO hassle!

Patient Reminders almost instantly!

With ActiveSync, you can start sending text patient reminders and secure 2-way texting in minutes with no training. After a 20-minute setup (schedule it here!) we do all the work for you. You'll make choices like:

  • Which types of appointments or locations get reminders
  • Which doctors or appointment types get reminders
  • Send different types of messages for different appointment types (for instance, remind patients of fasting or other preparation requests.)
  • Set multiple reminders
  • Request appointment confirmations

Smart Texting

Confirmation responses are often missed because other text systems require a specific response from the patient. Sometimes they don't respond the way the system wants, causing you to have to reach out again to confirm. 

Curogram's advanced technology can "read" most common responses to confirmation requests/reminders, and mark those appointments as confirmed. Most clients achieve a 60% + response rate from their text reminders.

If you don't already have these features in your Curogram account, or you're new to Curogram, contact us to add these features today!


Hundreds of Curogram customers are already using ActiveSync to save them time and reduce their “no-shows”.  Curogram can easily increase your revenue by thousands of dollars per month.  The average office has 2-4 no-shows per day per doctor.  Curogram saves offices more than one no-show per day, which is more than 20 additional appointments per month. If your average visit is worth $150 or more, that could be worth over $36,000 a year to your practice!  In addition, you can save $10,000 a year in reduced overhead expenses by reducing the calls the front desk needs to manage.