Taming The Rampaging Scheduling Beast At Private  Clinics

Posted by Michael on 6/11/18 4:02 PM

Have you ever heard about the mountain chicken?

Well, it’s a rather interesting animal which has nothing to do with either mountains or chickens.

In fact, it’s a giant ditch frog.

People call it chicken because the grown-up polliwog apparently tastes like chicken and is served as a delicacy on many Caribbean dinner tables.

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What’s Wrong With Clinic-Patient Communication Today And What To Do About It

Posted by Michael on 6/11/18 3:53 AM

One of the main reasons why people go to medical school is because they have a higher than average level of empathy and they want to help their fellow humans to enjoy longer and higher quality of life.

So, they spend years learning their professions, and then start practicing.

After a while, they notice that something is missing from the communication between them and their patients.

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Patient 2-way Texting

Curogram provides “All-In-One” Texting and HIPAA-Secure Messaging Platform for Independent Practices, Physician Groups, and Clinically Integrated Networks.

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