Patients want more efficient and convenient appointment booking and communication with healthcare providers, increasing the demand for telemedicine solutions with 2-way texting. For medical practices, integrating their Cerbo electronic health record (EHR) with an advanced telemedicine solution, such as Curogram, is necessary for patient retention and acquisition to increase revenue.

However, many medical providers implement commercial communication applications like Slack or Skype to address evolving patient communication demands. These apps enable certain communication functionalities, but, like most third-party applications, they don't integrate with EHRs or practice management systems and may not be HIPAA compliant. 

That leaves your staff inputting data from the application into Cerbo manually — a tedious process prone to error that increases workload significantly.

Curogram helps you avoid this problem by integrating with Cerbo’s EHR flawlessly while also giving you access to every telemedicine feature you need for success, including secure 2-way text messaging (a rare find!), online appointment booking, and electronic intake forms. Each feature decreases the workload in your office.

Cerbo does a great deal for medical practices, but when it integrates with Curogram, you can achieve a great deal more without extra effort.

What necessary telemedicine features does integrating Cerbo with Curogram provide?

There are many advantages a healthcare practice gains when they integrate Curogram's telemedicine solution — which includes 2-way texting — with Cerbo. Here are some of the essential telemedicine services you get from Curogram.

Provide Remote Patient Care

Telemedicine enables medical practices to bridge the distance between medical providers and patients living in rural and geographically isolated areas. Even geriatric patients with chronic conditions and disabilities find it challenging to see their provider as often as they should. 

When a patient can’t see a healthcare provider regularly, it can result in a deterioration of their health. Telemedicine fixes that.

Plus, many patients of all ages prefer virtual visits when they are sick or to follow-up on a condition because of the convenience.  

Medical practices acquire the necessary tools for remote visits when they integrate Cerbo with Curogram which comes with built-in video visits. This upgrade lets your staff text patients with a link to a waiting room for their virtual appointment. Patients don’t need to download or install anything. 

Improve Care Coordination Efforts

Healthcare professionals collect patient data, analyze it, and select treatment options — this information needs to be stored and easily accessible. Curogram simplifies the process by storing data in one easy-to-access database and enabling secure communication between staff members. Once patients submit their electronic intake form, their information becomes immediately available to the appropriate healthcare staff. 

Medical providers can use Curogram's secure texting platform to communicate with others in the office to discuss a patient's symptoms, potential treatment options, and other details. 

Collect Data Without Errors Using Electronic Patient Intake Forms

There is always a risk of errors when manually transcribing patient data from a paper intake form and encoding information. Patients' illegible handwriting is a common cause of data collection errors. It’s also a time-consuming process for staff.

Curogram’s telemedicine solution helps reduce the likelihood of mistakes when collecting patient data and makes the office more efficient. It offers digital solutions such as electronic intake forms and integrated scheduling that facilitate error-free data entry and automatically update collected patient info in the Cerbo EHR without modifications. 

Patients complete the secure electronic patient intake forms on their phone or desktop computer. Once a patient submits the forms, Curogram updates the Cerbo EHR automatically, reducing workload, cutting down on paperwork, and giving the staff more time to attend to patients.

Curogram also allows medical practices to customize electronic forms based on appointment type. For example, a patient may need to include symptoms or other details about their condition. You can configure Curogram to send appropriate forms to patients before a virtual or in-person appointment. 

What must-have telemedicine features does Curogram offer Cerbo users? 

In addition to the industry’s top telemedicine features, Curogram provides rare yet quickly becoming must-have features that benefit patients and healthcare providers. When you integrate Cerbo with Curogram for telemedicine, you can immediately take advantage of the following:

Straightforward Online Appointment Scheduling

When patients call to set up an appointment, the front desk staff must check the provider's schedule and give the patient time to decide before booking an appointment. 

With Curogram's online scheduling capabilities, medical practices let patients set up appointments themselves. If a patient wants to schedule a virtual or in-person visit, they can check the available time slots in your online calendar and choose which works for them. 

Without a Curogram-Cerbo integration, rescheduling can be a nightmare. There could accidentally be two appointments for the same time slot, inconveniencing the patients and the provider because of an extended wait or last-minute need to reschedule. 

Using Curogram's integrated scheduling, patients schedule and reschedule visits with a simple click, updating your Cerbo EHR automatically. 

Smart Reminders That Differentiate Appointment Types

Curogram can differentiate between appointment types, helping a medical practice implement appropriate patient reminders before a visit. 

An in-person visit requires ample time to prepare, requiring a reminder that takes travel time into account and informing the patient of the office’s exact address. Curogram's system knows if it is an in-office or virtual visit, automatically sending smart reminders. 

Patients don't require a big heads-up for virtual appointments, and you can customize Curogram to send a final reminder mere minutes before the visit starts. 

Curogram also lets you include patient-specific information and additional instructions in the reminders. Physicians, for example, may require photographs of a visible condition before a virtual appointment, given that they cannot thoroughly examine the patient in a virtual setting. 

But, Curogram has even more to offer with its state-of-the-art, rare telemedicine features to bring to Cerbo, setting it apart from other remote care software.

Virtual Waiting Room

Curogram provides a virtual waiting room that mimics the workflow of an actual medical office and helps the front desk staff efficiently manage patients for virtual visits. 

You can customize the waiting room view to lead the correct staff member to a patient for check-in. After completing the intake process, the staff member changes the patient’s status and the system transitions them to a virtual waiting room visible to the healthcare provider who can initiate the virtual appointment. 

Virtual waiting rooms dramatically improve the virtual clinic experience for patients and healthcare providers. 

Secure 2-Way Texting

The #1 demand among patients is to text their healthcare providers. Curogram's 2-way texting platform uses HIPAA-compliant texting features that simplify day-to-day tasks and streamline patient communication with staff. 

After integrating with Cerbo, Curogram generates a local business number to connect with your Google Business profile. That way, patients can text your office immediately after finding it online. 

Patients can use Curogram's secure 2-way texting telemedicine feature to schedule and manage appointments and send questions. 

With Curogram, you can securely share with patients documents containing protected health information (PHI) via a link you send them. The link leads a patient to the corresponding file saved in the centralized database. Only the right patient/staff can access the shared document, ensuring sensitive information remains safeguarded in one server or storage location online and not saved in multiple devices or passed around. 

Medical offices can also set up texting to enable quick and secure communication between staff members. Group chats are particularly useful for discussing patient matters and potential treatment options. 

Curogram enables your medical practice to offer these must-have telemedicine features once you integrate Cerbo with it. And integration is a fast, seamless process.

Set up a virtual clinic with Curogram and complete Cerbo integration within 48 hours.

Curogram offers healthcare providers that use Cerbo the most uncomplicated telemedicine integration. While other telemedicine software might take anywhere from six to nine months to integrate with Cerbo, Curogram takes 48 hours or less. 

When it comes to contract negotiation, Curogram keeps it simple. Once Curogram is connected with Cerbo, you automatically enter into a Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) business associate agreement

Training your staff to use Curogram won't take half an hour. Curogram's user interface is intuitive and easy to use.

Plus, a Curogram integration requires no IT assistance. That means medical practices complete the process with ease. 

Curogram Integrates With Cerbo and ANY Other EHR

You have Cerbo or may be considering getting it for your EHR, and Curogram integrates seamlessly with Cerbo. 

But should you decide to use a different EHR, Curogram is still an option for integration to get telemedicine features like 2-way texting. Whether your medical clinic uses an app-based, cloud-based, server-based, or web-browser-based EHR, Curogram won't have any trouble integrating with it. 

Curogram runs the most advanced integration technology to connect with over 700s EHRS, such as Kareo, Epic, AdvancedMD, and Greenway

By integrating Cerbo with Curogram, you enjoy the benefits of offering telemedicine with 2-way texting

Healthcare providers want patients to receive the most effective care and the most satisfying patient journey. As technology advances, so do patient demands. Integrating Cerbo with Curogram improves how medical practices deliver the most efficient and convenient patient care.

Curogram offers the most straightforward integration and advanced telemedicine features, like HIPAA-compliant 2-way texting, virtual waiting room, electronic patient forms, and more, that benefit patients and medical providers. 

As a friendly reminder, before integrating Curogram with your Cerbo EHR, check out local laws on telemedicine as states have different regulations. Follow our blog to read more about telemedicine and the corresponding local state regulations.