For every medical office, your reputation is important. That’s why it’s vital to take control and properly manage your reputation instead of leaving it up to random reviews.

Curogram’s automated survey and Google Business Profile Review feature helps practices with reputation management by improving their Google ratings and their Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Google search results. 

Your Google My Business profile is hidden gold 

If you don’t have any Google reviews, or you have poor reviews on your Google My Business profile, then you are missing the simplest and most cost-effective way to advertise your practice.

If you are paying a marketing firm for “website SEO services”, and they aren’t also optimizing your Google My Business page, then there’s a ton of opportunity for you to rank better and show up in the coveted map results that drive local search. 

You should be investing in improving the ranking of your practice by leveraging your Google My Business profile.

Google my business example

Google dominates mobile search with 90% MARKET SHARE

To run a successful practice, you need to have a strategy for ranking on Google search.  The majority of consumers today search on mobile, and 90% of ALL mobile searches are done on Google.   

mobile search results


Being visible on organic Google search is critical to every business today because it is the LOWEST COST MARKETING in the world as you don’t have to “pay per click” like Google Ads.

Get to the TOP of organic Google search

If you are not proactively optimizing your Google My Business profile and ratings, you will quickly be left in the dust by your competitors.  

The top search results for doctors on Google is a map result with three businesses showing - commonly called the “map pack.” 

These results are driven by Google My Business profiles, NOT website listings, and business profiles are often shown based on the engagement they get. And what’s the best engagement metric? You guessed it - Reviews.

If you don’t have a lot of Google reviews or a positive rating, you will likely not appear in the map pack, and you will struggle to catch up to your competitors as you cannot fix this overnight.  

If you aren’t doing anything to optimize your Google My Business profile for search, you need to start ASAP!  

How Curogram helps your reputation management

Many Curogram clients are now at the top of Google mobile search results thanks to Curogram’s automated review and rating feature.  

Curogram can help you improve your Google Business Profile for a fraction of the cost of any other marketing strategy.  

We get you 5-star reviews automatically every month without you lifting a finger!  

Here is the results that Curogram client, Castle Dermatology, saw. 

Using Curogram, they increased their reviews from 15 reviews with an average rating of 4.0 to more than 260 reviews with an average rating of  5.0!  

Now, Castle Dermatology is the #1 organic search result for “dermatologist” in their local area of Tarzana! 

With over 260 reviews with a 5.0 average, compared to the next listing with 65 reviews and a 4.5 rating, it’s clear for patients that Castle Dermatology is the best choice. 

Curogram customer google search results example from reputation management

If you aren’t taking advantage of these features in your Curogram account, or you're new to Curogram, contact us to start ranking your practice #1 today!