Curogram’s automated survey and Google Business Profile Review feature helps practices improve their Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on Google mobile search

Get to the TOP of Google Search!

If you are not proactively optimizing your Google Business Profile and Ratings, you will quickly be left in the dust by your competitors. The primary search results on Google are local Google Business Profiles, NOT website listings! If you don’t have a lot of Google reviews or a positive rating, your Google Business Profile will not appear in organic search, and over time, and you will struggle to catch up to your competitors as you cannot fix this overnight. If you aren’t doing anything to optimize your Google business profile for search, you need to start ASAP!

Many Curogram clients are now at the top of Google mobile and desktop search results thanks to Curogram’s automated review and rating feature. Curogram sends a simple 1-line text survey after each appointment and identifies your happiest patients and your disgruntled patients. For your happiest patients, we send them a 1-click link to your Google Review page along with a personalized message requesting their help to review you.  When we identify a disgruntled patient, we notify your office administrator immediately so they can resolve your patient's issues before they go home and write you that gut-wrenching 1-star review.  As you increase your total number of Google Reviews and your average rating, the ranking of your business profile increases, and you organically rise to the top of Google search.  Patients searching for new doctors or searching for your specific practice will naturally gravitate to you over your competitors as long as you maintain better ratings and more reviews.  This will drive new patient traffic to your practice over time. 

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 Curogram can help you improve your Google Business Profile for a fraction of the cost of any other marketing strategy. We get you 5-star reviews automatically every month without you lifting a finger! If you aren’t taking advantage of these features in your Curogram account, or you're new to Curogram, contact us to add these features today!

Your Google Business Profile Is Hidden Gold! Don’t Leave It Buried in the Dirt!

If you don’t have any Google reviews or you have poor reviews on your Google Business Profile, then you are missing the simplest and most cost-effective way to advertise your practice. If you are paying a marketing firm for “website SEO services”, there is a good chance that you are wasting your marketing dollars because website links are no longer the top search results on Google mobiles search. You should be investing in improving the ranking of your Google Business Profile.


Google Dominates Mobile Search with 90% MARKET SHARE.

To run a successful practice, you need to have a strategy for ranking on Google mobile search. The majority of consumers today search on mobile, and 90% of ALL mobile searches are done on Google.


Being visible on organic Google mobile search is critical to every business today because it is the LOWEST COST MARKETING in the world as you don’t have to “pay per click” like with Google AdWords.  Learn more.

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