Medical practices look forward to providing patients with the best healthcare journey by offering the efficiency and convenience telemedicine solutions bring. And enabling telemedicine functionalities is simple by integrating eClinicalWorks electronic health record (EHR) with the industry's leading platform, Curogram.

The growing patient demand for more convenient and accessible healthcare options compels healthcare providers to have a business plan that includes remote healthcare. The most practical way is acquiring a telemedicine platform that integrates with your EHR or practice management system. 

Curogram integrates with eClinicalWorks in just under 48 hours.

While eClinicalWorks offers medical practices comprehensive patient medical record management, integrating it with Curogram expands its capabilities in providing efficient and streamlined remote patient care with necessary and sought-after telemedicine tools. Curogram syncs with your patient and scheduling data so you can continue to manage all your medical information and scheduling directly in eClinicalWorks. 

Is integrating eClinicalWorks with Curogram for telemedicine necessary?

If your goal is to sustain and grow your medical practice by keeping up with the evolving healthcare delivery demands, integrating eClinicalWorks with a robust telemedicine solution like Curogram is necessary. It improves workflow and reduces workload, increasing efficiency, patient satisfaction, and revenue. 

Curogram enhances your existing practice management system without altering how you work with eClinicalWorks by integrating with your patient database and schedule of record, providing you with a centralized platform for all of your telemedicine activities.

Without an EHR-telemedicine integration, you waste significant time entering data manually and switching between systems to manage communication with patients. Plus, you fail to offer telemedicine services that modern patients want, such as 2-way text messaging with healthcare providers, online scheduling, and electronic patient intake forms.  

What are the benefits of integrating Curogram with eClinicalWorks?

The following benefits of integrating Curogram with eClinicalWorks help medical practices better understand the necessity:

Less Paperwork

Once you successfully integrate Curogram with eClinicalWorks, your medical practice immediately cuts down on paperwork dramatically. For example, with electronic patient intake forms, you collect the necessary information from patients in a paperless fashion, saving the staff time and avoiding transcription mistakes due to patients' illegible handwriting. With online appointment scheduling, Curogram automatically updates your EHR, allowing you to manage all schedules in one place, requiring no physical logbooks or appointment ledgers. 

More Time

Time is valuable for patients and medical providers. Curogram’s telemedicine solution automates and simplifies time-consuming activities. Integrating Curogram with eClinicalWorks eliminates manual data entry and reduces your staff's time on the phone managing appointments. Curogram’s online appointment scheduling feature allows patients to book, reschedule or cancel appoints, simply by texting. That leaves your practice with more open time to see patients, boosting your clinic's revenue. 

Improved care

With Curogram, you can provide care to more patients who live in remote areas and encourage them to book virtual appointments as often as they should. Although in-person visits are incomparable to a virtual counterpart, Curogram's telemedicine features help medical providers give patients better care and ensure their health is always in check.

With Curogram, you can communicate with patients easily through secure 2-way texting, through which you can also send lab results, follow-up on next consultations, or monitor patients undergoing treatments.

These benefits are only an introduction to what enhancements Curogram provides medical practices that use the eClinicalWorks EHR.

Curogram enables must-have telemedicine features and secure 2-way texting.

Curogram syncs with your appointment schedule and patient demographics seamlessly from eClinicalWorks in a matter of minutes. The update enables 2-way texting between your staff and patients immediately.

Curogram auto-imports the following patient demographics:

  • Name
  • Date of birth 
  • Email
  • Phone

And the following appointment information:

  • Appointment types
  • Appointment times
  • Providers
  • Locations

Curogram's simple user interface enables medical staff to exchange secure texts with patients with less than fifteen minutes of training. 

Streamlined Communication With Secure 2-Way Texting

A 2-way HIPAA-compliant texting system is a must-have option for telemedicine. The feature simplifies and streamlines both doctor-patient and internal communication.

With 2-way texting, you eliminate the need of going back and forth with patients when trying to give specific appointment instructions. If a patient needs to fast before a checkup, for example, you can send them a text message with the necessary information instead of reaching out to them via a phone call.

You can use Curogram’s HIPAA-compliant 2-way texting feature for:

  • Patient onboarding
  • Patient intake forms
  • Payment links
  • Appointment information
  • Prescription details
  • Lab orders

Curogram also enables you to create templated responses to some of the most frequent patient questions. Your staff won't have to type out each message manually, which, in addition to taking time, can cause them to send a message to the wrong patient. You can even route messages to the proper staff member based on the type of question so only they have to deal with relevant inquiries.

For in-office communication, Curogram enables medical practices to create a group chat and exchange relevant information without putting protected health information (PHI) at risk since Curogram is completely HIPAA compliant.

And for virtual visits, the appointment link is sent via text, and the virtual waiting room keeps everything running smoothly.

Mimic In-Office Workflow With a Virtual Waiting Room

A virtual waiting room ensures that the staff processes each patient before the telemedicine visit officially begins. Curogram allows medical providers to configure the virtual waiting room view only to see patients who are done with the intake process, avoiding starting an appointment before they should. 

Plus, this convenience allows patients to enter a virtual waiting without requiring them to download any application. Curogram generates a link to the virtual clinic your staff can then share with a patient. By clicking on the link, the patient enters the virtual waiting room for the intake process, once done, then to the virtual appointment with the physician. 

If you use Facetime or Zoom for telemedicine appointments, mix-ups occur often. Since there is no virtual waiting room option in those apps, you may end up starting an appointment with the wrong patient.

The feature also makes the virtual care adaptation period shorter and easier for medical staff. Since the virtual waiting room mimics the in-office scenario, the staff won't need much time to get used to the online environment. It only takes 15-20 minutes to learn Curogram’s virtual waiting room feature and any others, like smart text reminders.

Curogram Differentiates Between In-Person and Virtual Healthcare Appointments

Curogram helps you send patients personalized text reminders, whether for in-person or virtual visits. For example, preparation for a virtual visit doesn't require much time. Curogram allows you to set the text reminder to 15 minutes before the scheduled time, and the patient won't miss their appointment. 

In-person visits, meanwhile, require some patients more time to prepare. Curogram allows you to set up a text reminder the day before and the day of the appointment. 

Curogram gives medical practices a limitless number of reminders to send a patient. If you want to send reminders multiple times at different intervals, you can do so when you integrate eClinicalWorks with Curogram. 

Plus, if a patient needs to reschedule their appointment, they can text you back. The number of patients that forget about doctor's appointments costs the U.S. healthcare system $150 billion each year. 

With smart appointment reminders, Curogram reduces the number of no-shows by 75%! That further benefits your practice’s revenue and helps patient retention. 

And appointment scheduling or rescheduling is easy with online booking.

Save Time With Online Scheduling

Scheduling appointments is a lengthy process that often involves going back and forth with the patient until you find a time slot that suits everyone. It also requires the staff to be on the phone throughout the day and manually update the schedule after each call. Rescheduling complicates the process further, and there's always room for human error. 

Curogram’s telemedicine solution allows for online scheduling, so you won't waste time scheduling appointments manually.

Once you integrate Curogram with eClinicalWorks, your patients can schedule in-person or telemedicine visits on their own in seconds. They can check the available time slots in your calendar using their phone, tablet, or computer and pick the best for their schedule.

If they want to reschedule their appointment, the process is fuss-free because any changes update automatically.

How long does it take to integrate Curogram with eClinicalWorks?

Curogram integrates with eClinicalWorks in 48 hours or less. It uses the most advanced integration technology, meaning that it can connect with app-based, cloud-based, server-based, and web browser-based EHRs.

Curogram integrates with ANY EHR such as AdvancedMD, Cerner, PrimeClinical, and Kareo

Simplify eClinicalWorks telemedicine integration by choosing Curogram.

Curogram's robust features can improve your clinic workflow and increase your revenue as soon as you integrate the platform with eClinicalWorks. In 48 hours or less, you can experience streamlining day-to-day administrative tasks and enjoy successfully using its telemedicine features:

  • Electronic patient intake forms
  • Secure 2-way texting
  • Online appointment booking
  • Virtual clinic
  • Virtual waiting room

Book a demo with Curogram today to see how the system works.