For all businesses, how you choose to engage with your customers is incredibly important.  

Unfortunately for many healthcare organizations, that often means communicating with their patients using methods such as phone calls, letters and faxes.  

Recent studies have shown that text messaging is the preferred way for people to be reached versus emails or phone calls.  

For example, 82% of people read text messages in less than 5 minutes, but only 25% of people read emails they receive.    

By failing to take advantage of modern technology in engaging with patients, healthcare organizations are missing out on opportunities to engage with patients in the way they prefer to be communicated with.  

Fortunately there are HIPAA compliant ways for healthcare organizations to utilize text messaging to engage with patients in ways to increase efficiency and reduce costs.

Text messages can increase patient traffic and hence revenue

Missed appointments are the bane of any business, but it can be especially painful for medical offices, where every no show is a missed opportunity to book another patient in that time.  

With text messaging, healthcare organizations have been able to average a greater than 75% response rate.  

Utilizing text messages as the primary way to confirm appointments and send patients reminders can decrease the amount of no shows in your practice by more than 50%.  

Text messages can add more than $80,000/year per doctor to your practice in cost savings.  

Make your medical office more efficient and save overhead 

How many hours does your office waste on phone calls each week?  The average phone call with a patient can last 2 minutes, and that’s if you manage to reach the patient.  

Meanwhile the average text message can be sent and responded to in less than 10 seconds.   

HIPAA compliant texting in healthcare can decrease the amount of time your office spends on the phone with patients by over 10 hours per week per staff member..  

Text messages also create a more accurate record of patient communication that makes it easier to monitor what staff are saying to patients, and to track what information patients are requesting from your organization.  

Use texting to improve patient experience

Patients nowadays prefer text messaging as a means of communication.  

By communicating with patients in the way that best fits into their life, you make it easier for patients to interact with your office. 

HIPAA compliant text messages can even be used to offer a hassle free way for new and returning patients to book appointments.  

Texting can even be used to send automatic feedback requests that turn positive feedback into Google, Yelp, or Healthgrades reviews that can drive new patients to your practice.

Choosing the right HIPAA compliant text messaging platform

In order to take advantage of all the benefits of using a HIPAA Compliant texting for your business it is important to select a platform that allows you to communicate with your patients in all the ways above.  

Curogram is a HIPAA compliant text messaging platform that allows your office to send friendly, automated and customizable text messages to your patients.  

Curogram’s automated reminders allows your office to reduce no shows and spend hours less on the phone following up with patients, while still delivering concierge level care that your patients will come to appreciate.  

Book a demo today see how Curogram can help.